Hospital Temperature Monitoring

Reduce waste and eliminate manual reporting with wireless environmental monitoring.

AiRISTA enables centralized monitoring across all climate-controlled needs, from pharmacies and labs to other environmentally controlled storage facilities.

Automated Environmental Monitoring

Virtually every healthcare facility around the world uses medications and vaccines that require specific environmental conditions for storage. But what happens when a fridge fails?

To ensure optimal storage conditions and maintain regulatory compliance, hospitals need a continuous temperature monitoring solution.

As the leader in real-time location systems (RTLS), AiRISTA has the technology you need to deploy an automated medical temperature monitoring system that:

Eliminates paper-based processes.

Collects continuous, accurate temperature readings.

Automates alerts around temperature data.

Delivers custom reports for environmental conditions.

RTLS Temperature Tags

AiRISTA’s innovative and robust array of hospital temperature monitoring tags enables highly accurate readings in addition to real-time location tracking.

1-Button Temperature Sensor

With storage requirements varying significantly from refrigeration to freezing to cryogenic temperatures, it’s crucial to have a temperature monitoring device that can deal with a wide range.

Using your hospital’s existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, the 1-Button tag can transmit real-time data on environmental conditions to store and process. You can also set up automated email, SMS or voice message alerts if data indicates an abnormality.

Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Low Energy® (BLE) Temperature Monitoring Device

The Wi-Fi/BLE® 2-Button Temperature Sensor enables wireless programming and temperature data transmission to streamline monitoring and management.

This tag comes with software-programmable buttons and a USB interface for charging. The internal battery provides continuous monitoring in the event of power loss for days. The built-in display also indicates current environmental conditions with the option to extend its capabilities through a variety of external probes.

Sofia – AiRISTA’s RTLS Environmental
Monitoring Solution

Sofia is AiRISTA’s software platform delivered from the cloud or on premises, providing healthcare professionals with real-time insights into patients, staff, asset locations and environmental conditions.

Configure your medical temperature monitoring system and set up automated, customizable alerts to instantly notify staff of irregular readings. With automated reporting, you get access to critical insights that could impact efficiency, safety, quality and compliance, including:

  • Storage conditions (e.g., temperature and humidity).
  • Medical equipment utilization.
  • Equipment maintenance and sanitization.
  • Periodic Automatic Replacement (Par) level accounting.
  • Patient wait times and satisfaction.
  • Patient and staff safety.

AiRISTA’s sofia software provides a comprehensive view across your healthcare facility, enabling staff to make informed decisions that improve safety, compliance and operational efficiency.

Centralize Your Temperature Monitoring System

Automate the process of monitoring refrigeration and freezer units across health facilities and clinics — including “out-of-range” alerts and escalations — to comply with Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) monitoring requirements.

AiRISTA’s sofia workflows direct timely notification of any alerts as well as compliance steps and supporting documentation.

Eliminate Manual Reporting and Human Error

A team of four clinical engineers inefficiently move around a 2.5 million square foot, 900-bed county hospital and in excess of 100 remote clinics.

Monitoring and documentation requirements were going to need two additional clinical engineers.

The AiRISTA solution was able to provide centralized monitoring of all climate-controlled needs throughout the pharmacies, labs and other environmentally controlled storage facilities.

Sofia workflows direct timely notification of any alerts as well as compliance steps and supporting documentation.

AiRISTA is the leading provider of RTLS monitoring software and equipment. With over a decade of industry experience, we have the expertise and tools necessary to deliver accurate readings on environmental conditions across a variety of asset types.


  • Management Platform: AiRISTA sofia
  • Infrastructure: Existing Cisco WiFi infrastructure
  • Asset RTLS Tags: AiRISTA

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